Inside our Tusi Tech Lab Design we design and experience our new furnishing ideas. This is the place where innovation and tradition are combined together. Trough our Lab we look for solutions and ideas to give to our customers something unique, everything must be a masterpiece.

Design & Research

Complete 360° consultation will always be provided by our architects and designers.
Our productions, our furnishings are unique, inimitable as the tastes of our customers. Uniqueness of products for every person type with his own style, from classic, to modern, from vintage to shabby chic, from boho chic to scandinavian, in a constant search for design aimed at beauty and functionality.
From the choice of raw materials, to the search for the most appropriate style, to the installation and assembly of furniture, through the finishes and the complete personalization of the furnishings, our team will always be by your side.

Raw materials and their processing

The raw materials we use for our productions are mainly European, imported mainly from Italy and Germany: fabrics of various types, leather, latex padding and different polyurethane foams, aluminum, stainless steel and brass, different types of fine industrial wood. We also use national Vietnamese solid woods and American essences, as rosewood or walnut, European maple, Asian onyx and Italian marble stones.
No less important is the type of machinery used to transform and assemble our raw materials. Also in this case we use equipment imported from Europe. Companies like Biesse, our first supplier, represent the best for the processing equipment. We use CNC, hand and laser machines.
Even the craftsmanship of artisans, who deal with the assembly with the painting and finishings of wood and metal welds, is a fundamental element for the final result of our products.