The kitchen room in Italy is one of the most important parts of the house where we meet with family members or guests. This place, from a cultural point of view, must transmit warmth, serenity and love. For us at Tusi Design, the kitchens must be 100% Italian Style, designed to last over time and to fit the customer’s desire. When we create a kitchen, every detail becomes important to us, so it must be safe, functional and comfortable. We study everything in detail, even what to the client’s eye will seem invisible. A designer knows that even the handle of a door can and must be created artfully. For Tusi Design, being in the kitchen must be a pleasure, it must excite. A comfortable kitchen is the result of a long design made on the basis of various evaluations. We take full advantage of all the measurements made by technicians we have, we will leave nothing to chance. The work is carried out by skilled artisans who pass on the ancient knowledge of the tradition of the old workshops. For the kitchen top, the types of material we use are different: marble, dekton, quartz, laminam, industrial wood or glass. Lighting is also an important factor. It is necessary to study in which points place the lights, to have better visibility while preparing the meal, or to have better visibility on the table where dishes will be consumed. A right lighting system can also prevent bad accidents in this particular space.