about us

The Tusi Design brand is an Italian design company active and registered in Italy.

The legal office, together with Tusi Tech Lab Design, the workshops, the carpentry and some offices, are located in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, a combination between high quality Italian knowledge and taste with Vietnamese production.

We design and implement everything that has to do with luxury and beauty in the field of furniture. Tusi Design mission is the exportation of Italian design out of the european borders, worldwide and especially in the East. The ancient wisdom of Italian master carpenters mixed with the newest technologies allows us to create unique design works for entire big spaces like villas, offices, luxury resorts, hotels, apartments. Living rooms, kitchens, furnishing accessories, wall decorations and all you need to make your home the one home really suitable for you.
The attention to details, the functionality of each element and the careful choice of the best materials for a brilliant aesthetic result, will be the heart of every project that will be assigned to us to create authentic MADE IN ITALY furniture.